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Welcome to the Better Future New Zealand Trust’s webpage, where we invite you to explore the various initiatives and endeavors that drive us toward our mission of enhancing the quality of life for all New Zealanders. Our commitment to fostering social and economic well-being, promoting environmental sustainability, and addressing societal challenges which is at the heart of everything we do.

Community Dialogue:

Community Forums: Organize forums and dialogues that facilitate understanding and amity among diverse communities in New Zealand.
Interfaith and Interethnic Initiatives: Foster dialogue and cooperation between different religious and ethnic groups to promote harmony.

Health and Well-being Initiatives:

Wellness Workshops: Conduct workshops and webinars on physical and mental health to promote well-being among New Zealanders.
Mental Health Support: Offer resources and counseling services to address mental health challenges, especially among the youth.

Social Equality and Inclusion:

Anti-Discrimination Programs: Advocate against social evils like discrimination, bullying, and harassment through awareness campaigns .
Empowerment Initiatives: Support programs for women, youth, and the disadvantaged to uplift their socio-economic status.

Environmental Programs:

Sustainability Projects: Launch initiatives to reduce environmental impact, such as tree planting and waste reduction campaigns.
Wildlife Protection: Support projects aimed at preserving and protecting New Zealand’s unique wildlife.

Food Education and Advocacy:

Healthy Eating Campaigns: Promote healthy food habits through educational campaigns, cooking classes, and nutritional resources.
Community Gardens: Establish community gardens to encourage sustainable food production and community engagement.

Youth Development:

Youth Career Workshops: Provide career guidance and mentorship programs to help young individuals realize their ambitions.
Youth Mental Health Clinics: Establish mental health clinics tailored to the needs of the younger generation.

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    Better Future New Zealand Trust is an important player in New Zealand community that fosters change for better future.

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      BFT is a wonderful initiative to build our future together.

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        One of the finest organisations who walk the talk.