Celebrating a Beacon of Hope: Shivani Arora and the Better Future Trust


The Sai Mandir devotees and team have undertaken a commendable initiative by raising funds to support St. John’s Ambulance. Shivani Arora is one of the founders of Shri Shirdi SaiBaba Sansthan of New Zealand Incorporated and is currently a committee member. This remarkable effort exemplifies outstanding community work and has served as an inspiration to many within the community. Through their dedication and generosity, they have made a significant impact, demonstrating the power of collective effort in making a difference. Their initiative not only provides much-needed resources to St. John’s Ambulance but also fosters a spirit of unity and altruism, encouraging others to contribute and support such noble causes. This exemplary act of charity underscores the importance of community involvement and highlights the positive outcomes that can be achieved when people come together for a common good.

Inspiring a Wave of Altruism

The impact of this initiative extends far beyond the immediate financial support it generated. It has ignited a wave of altruism, encouraging others to step up and contribute to worthy causes.

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